Excel Filter table on value of cell outside of table


I have a worksheet with several tables on it. I want the tables to filter automatically when there is a value in cell A2. If the cell is blank then show the tables unfiltered.

I have read various documents on the advanced filtering  but have not got this to  work.

Any direction would be appreciate.

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Ken ButtersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This filters 2 tables.

Note that I stacked the tables vertically, because the autofilter hits the entire row, making side by side tables messy to say the least.

Look in Sheet1 for the code.
ckelsoeAuthor Commented:
That works!! I did figure out that side by side tables did not work out well for obvious reasons. However stacked works very well to see the data across the various tables nicely. Sometimes I overthink the obvious.
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