css menus - do you know a nice one to use

I tried the following but it is too plain, I do need the infinet sub menus.


I want to input my own UL list and I only need a css file. thanks
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Ken ButtersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this link goes into detail about how to customize containers for your menu items.

goodkAuthor Commented:
Is this infinite, sub menus?
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goodkAuthor Commented:
I checked, yes it goes into several sub menus

but I wish there was a little more professional look.
The point of CSS is that you style it how you like.  You could spend a long time looking for the menu that looks like you want or spend 30 minutes just styling it how you want it to look
Give some pointers here how you would like it to look and then we can tell you how to achieve it.
Your idea of a nice looking menu may not be someone else's so there is no point asking for other variations.
goodkAuthor Commented:

I liked the above a little better.  

Things I still do not know are how to put break lines or columns and so on,  I do understand how to put images.

I am assuming that I will have to follow same rules as a any page building for menu displays.
GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't know what you mean by break lines
To get multiple columns you would need to specify a width for the nested UL that is a multiple of the width of the LI
if the LI's are 185px you would set the width of the UL to 370px (plus a bit more for any padding etc)
Then change the display of the LI's to display:inline-block and remove the float:none
goodkAuthor Commented:
In the following example, we see two columns.


I am good in programming but when it comes to CSS I am really bad.

I would like if the <ul> has more than 5 members then it to split it in two columns
goodkAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys
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