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VMware - Shared Volume between Guests w.o Clustering

I don't know if this is possible - but I thought i'd ask.  Running VMware 5.1 (vSphere ESXi).   No clustering is currently setup.

I wanted to see if there is ability to have multiple VM guests access the same drive.  i only need on Guest to be able to write, and I'd only need that while i get my data onto it.  All i am trying to do is put a a to of installers in on a non-network share for my test lab.  It's about 40GB of installers, so I don't want that on a bunch of seperate images.

My only other thought is to "burn" it to an iso and try mounting it as a DVD/CD
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Why not use a network share? e.g. Windows Share or NFS ?

Multiple VMs cannot access the same drive, unless you implement Failover Clustering and Cluster Shared Volumes, which needs shared storage.

This can be implemented on VMware, using a Cluster in a Box, shared virtual disk between two VMs. But only a single VM will have the Failover Cluster resource at one time.

Setup for Failover Clustering and Microsoft Cluster Service - ESX 4.1/ESXi 4.1/vCenter Server 4.1

Setup for Failover Clustering and Microsoft Cluster Service - ESXi 5.0/vCenter Server 5.0
JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
i don't want to use a network share because I'm talking 40+ GB of space that's constantly needed to be accessed by multiple Guests and moving around.  The key is i'm setting up a large test lab for migrating a specific product from 2003 servers to 2008 servers.  

I'm biting the bullet, I think, and just going to clone the original disk image to a datastore a bunch of time.  At this point, the cost per GB is less than getting clustering  setup
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