Drowned Samsung Galaxy s3

I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 that was dropped in water and died, completely.  I left to dry out and a month or so later I plugged it in and lights appeared!!  Huzzah.   The screen though is till totally dead.

When I plug into the computer to charge there’s a solid red light top left that eventually turns green.  I guess that means it’s charged?

When I plug it in to power or the PC it gives me the beep beep noise you get when it’s attaching to a power source. When I unplug it and hold the power button for a bit I get a blue light, it plays the Samsung sound , then blue light goes off and screen is still dead.  
I if I then plug into a PC  I power off and on I get a msg in Win7 that  “USB device not Recognized”  .

At one stage I could see the phone in Windows Explorer though I couldn’t access as I guess I need to add a password.  At this stage I can’t see in Explorer as I keep getting the message “USB device not Recognized”

What I really want to do is get some photos off the phone– any ideas how I could do this??
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I wish I had some good news for you. Unfortunately, if you are getting "USB device not recognized," I can't say that I do.

However, some thoughts to try:
1) Try connecting on a different USB port (preferably one at the back rather than front of the computer)
2) Try another computer
3) Turn off your phone. Remove the battery and then reinsert the battery. Then, BEFORE YOU TURN THE PHONE ON, connect the phone to your computer with the USB cable. THEN, power on/restart your phone.
4) Try a new, fully charged, battery (borrow one from a friend).

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