How to force a site to point to the closest DC at another site.

We a have site in the us that seems to be using the DC of a site on the other side of the world when it should be using one that's in the US.

Isn't it possible to set the secure channel to point to the closest dc with nltest. The site only has a 2003 dhcp there.
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SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
There are multiple reasons for clients logged in using dcs in a differerent site.This could be due to dns misconfig,Ad sites and services not configured correctly,subnet overlapping,security filtering(if the traffic to local dc is filtered)

Do you have RODC in the env if yes then see this: ensure correct dns setting on DCs and client as this:

Using Catch-All Subnets in Active Directory

Ensure that the subnets are mapped to respective sites else client will authenticate with any DC which it finds as closest.Check the DC event log for any warning or error message.Run dcdiag /q and repadmin /replsum to check the health of DC.
AD Clients Not Authenticating to its Local Site
Determine Overlapping Active Directory Sites
Hope this helps
KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have set up your subnets correctly in AD sites and services then clients will look for a DC in their own site in preference.
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JaihuntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the below commands,

nltest /dsgetdc:<FQDN Domain Name> /force ( it will force the server to reconnect DC instead of using cached DC)

nltest /server:<server name> /sc_query:<FQDN Domain Name>

Also check Subnets and site links are configure properly.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
from what system do I run this command from?

nltest /dsgetdc:<FQDN Domain Name> /force
Add the subnet where the DC is located to the subnet where the client is located - Job done!
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
I do have the subnet defined in sites and services.
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