ASA is blocking e-mail between internal networks

Hello Everyone.

First thanks for the help which is really appreciated.

I currently have a  device within a network that I would like to send e-mails through one of our e-mail servers on the DMZ; however I cant make it happen.   The Diagram is the following:

Net  A  >>>>>> GATEWAY>>>>>>>FIREWALL>>>>>>>DMZ

Net A  can successfully reach the firewall IP on the link between the gateway and the firewall itself.  However when I try to send the e-mail or ping the e-mail server it fails.

The interface on which the packet from   Net A is coming from  (NET),  has a Security level of 60, whereas the Interface for the DMZ (DMZ), has a security level of 10.  I thought the communication should just happen but I am afraid that the NAT rule for the E-mail Server  is interfering.

The E-mail server is being translated to the  Net A  with a public address which I think is my issue  but I am not sure.   I cant change this rule  as I have other networks  using the translation.

static (DMZ,NET) PUBLIC-IP netmask

 I cant change this rule and I want to keep Net A as a private network that will jut have access to the e-mail server.

I applied a packet tracer sourcing from the NET interface  with the Net A addressing and it works if I  use the public IP on the command, but not if I use the private one. It shows the message of   Action: DROP, and it seems to be due to the translation.

Is there any way I can give access to this network to the private address of the e-mail server?  so the network can send e-mail without any internet access to the network ?

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Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
you should add a nat rule from the inside to the dmz network that translates the destination ip (external) to the dmz ip.
kumo_chanAuthor Commented:
Hello Henkva!

Thanks for the help. I just have a question regarding this. Wouldn't this affect the users that are using the current translation?

Thanks again!

Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
Can you post your full (sanitized) config. It makes it somewhat easier to understand.

And from what network would you like to get to the internal ip, from NET A or ...?
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command is something like:
conf t
no inspect smtp
no inspect pop3
no inspect imap
copy running- config startup- config
kumo_chanAuthor Commented:
thanks both  for the answer:

Please  Henkva find attached the current configuration in place:
       //Gateway for some internal networks  to the internet
interface GigabitEthernet0/2.51
 description TRANSIT
 vlan 51
 security-level 60
 ip address

  // DMZ Network interface
interface GigabitEthernet0/1.51
 description  DMZ NETWORK
 vlan 51
 nameif DMZ
 security-level 10
 ip address
  // New network that needs to send e-mail but it shouldn't have  public access
object-group network NEW-NETWORK

//Current Transalations
static (DMZ,INTERNALCLIENTS) mailserver_public netmask
static (DMZ,OUTSIDE) mailserver_public netmask

the first translation is  also used by other customers therefore I would like to check whether there is a chance that   the   new network  can send e-mail directly to the internal ip of the server. If this is not possible I think  the next step will be making an interface just for the new network on the ASA and put a new translation in place ???

And Gheist, wouldn't remove those commands make my network a bit vulnerable?

Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
What version do you run at your ASA. This is important for the NAT options we have.

To be clear, you want clients form the network to be able to connect to port 25? Correct?

And is routed via an IP in INTERNALCLIENTS?
kumo_chanAuthor Commented:
Hello henkva,

ASA is version 8.2 not on the 9s yet.

Yes I want the network to be able to send e-mail through but without having access to outside.

I have some other networks arriving to that interface....

Yes is  routed via an IP in INTERNAL CLIENTS...

Do you think the easiest way could be to create a subinterface on the ASA just for the so I dont affect all the other networks ?


Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
It would be easier to make a subinterface so you can make different NAT statements for that network. Also it makes it easier with access list.

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kumo_chanAuthor Commented:
Hello henkva!

Thanks for the help I will do that!

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