Where to find an expert Apple/iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac writer?


I'm searching for a writer for our site that can write with authority and expertise about Apple products.

They need to be able to write with great English grammar and be able to provide breaking news, reports, analysis, reviews, comparisons, to Apple product fans and consumers/shoppers.

Our site is an approved Google News and Bing News source - items are appear in the search engines within minutes of publication.

My goal here is to find someone that really knows Apple products inside and out and can write as an expert.

It would be great if the writer is SEO and AdSense savvy, but if not that is ok, I can teach them.

We do a 50% revenue share with our writers using AdSense. I can help a writer get AdSense if they don't already have it.

Any suggestions on where I can go to find such a writer?

I've tried Freelancer.com and others but the quality of expertise there is really low.

If someone reading this is interested, my contact info is in my profile.

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vidovicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at the Apple Consultants  Network? These are very qualified Apple experts.
Here is a link....http://consultants.apple.com

Send me an email and I can provide you with a few good consultants: vido@mac.com
St_Aug_Beach_BumAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much - I'm checking that out now and will be in touch shortly,

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