cisco 3560x Hulc LED Process high cpu used

I Have a cisco 3560x switch and its cpu usually usege about 70-80% i check cpu histroy

A07_3560X_SW#sh processes cpu
i  see Hulc LED Process used 28% cpu
what can i do for it
P.S i used 2 SFP made ethernetchannel with the other 3560x(HSRP)
my used IOS is 15.0(2)SE4
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In earlier versions of IOS this was due to a cosmetic feature (as Cisco called it).  I called it a bug.

If you TELNET (not console or SSH) to the switch it should settle down if it's the same bug.

As Libi said though, it could be something more predictable though.

   If the CPU utilization percentage is high and the interrupt percentage is low, the high CPU utilization is caused by one or more system processes consuming the CPU resource. This is less common than high CPU utilization caused by the receipt of network packets. When a system process is consuming most of the CPU resources, an event usually triggered the process to become active. Review the syslog for any unusual events.

In your cause Hulc LED Process is high may be because of Physical link flapping.
Review the syslog for a physical link losing and gaining connectivity.

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