Doc, Pdf, and Xls Files Corrupted supposedly from Virus?

I have a very weird question I guess.  Does anyone know of any viral infections that would specifically target doc, xls, and pdf files but leave system untouched?

I recently was contacted by a friend who's computer at her work was supposedly infected with virus and it was removed but all her existing doc, xls, and pdf files were corrupted and will not open.  Error message form opening file screenshot is attached.
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resinateAuthor Commented:
I have tried running files thru repair programs I could find but no luck.  Any suggestions?  Some files were not backed up on her computer and no backup.
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
yeah, lots of viruses/trojans around, that lock document files by encrypting them. Key is to know which virus she had removed from the device, then you will have a better chance of unlocking them.

Many unlock tools require either that the virus' own secret keyfile still exists, or that you have an uncorrupted copy of at least one file (as it often locks pdfs issued centrally, or sent via email initially, that's actually surprisingly likely). for some of the virii, there *is* no way to unlock, short of paying the ransom, so you will have to accept the data is lost and move on.

Take a look here - this is the latest iteration of the virus, and there is no way to decrypt the data without the secret key (and that is not available unless you pay the ransom within 3 days of the infection)

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