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I have a joomla site I wish to redirect the URL to my addon domain However i am not able to do so via  cpanel redirect option. Is is possibly to do via joomla adminstrator?

NB : please note that folder 'test' does not exists and it seems to be the reason why cpanel redirection is not working.

Please assist
Jared HirstCEOAsked:
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Steve BinkCommented:
When you try to do it through cPanel, what results are you seeing?

You can always try modifying the .htaccess file directly.  You're looking for a rewrite like this:
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?abcxxx\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?test(/.*)?$$1 [NC,R,L]

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Note: this is untested and might need refining.

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Julian M.Web DeveloperCommented:
You can do it in Joomla admin. In Joomla 3, it's under Components -> Redirect.
Peter HartCommented:
I would do it outside of Joomla

make sure you have no pages that have alias of "test"  or whatever  your folder is called.

Create a file with a simple text editor and call it  index.php file  which has the following code:


   header( 'Location:' ) ;


put this index.php in  the folder    /test
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If a simple redirect is ok, open your joomla's .htaccess file. If you're not using source control, I would keep a backup of this file.

Anywhere after:
RewriteEngine On

Redirect 301 /test

IF you need /test/blah and /test/blah2 to map to and, you will need some variation of routinet's solution above.

Rewriting (routinet's solution) can be tricky to get right but once you have it correct, it's usually 'set it and forget it'. Hopefully you have a test environment. Versions of apache *may* handle it differently so the closer the test to production, the less guesswork. URL rewriting is one of the few area of the LAMP stack where I have noticed significant discrepancies between environments.

Good luck.

Jared HirstCEOAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Unneeded question.
Steve BinkCommented:
Either my comment (#39580517) or the comment from Kirblam (#39600422) is the correct solution to this question.
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