Enterasys S4 experiencing network packet loss

We have 2 Enterasys S4 switches uplinked via Fiber on separate floors. The core S4 uplinks to another building via wireless bridge. We notice that when we have a PC/laptop connected to a switch blade and a server connected to another switch blade on the same switch while doing a continuous ping we have a lot of packet loss. When we move the PC/laptop to the same switch blade the server is connected too all pings are successful. We also notice that when we unplug the wireless bridge the pings are successful.

We have upgraded the S4 switches to the newest firmware, but still exhibit the issue. Any ideas?
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Rick_O_ShayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would do a "sho sys util" while testing to see if something is amiss.
Sounds like maybe something to do with the slot the wireless bridge is connected to or the bridge itself.

Also get a "show support" up to GTAC and see what they can tell from that.
skyadminAuthor Commented:
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