Local VB APP to interface with Office 365 Sharepoint 2013 site

I want to have a local app on PC's that will pop-up blank form on double-click
Allow you to fill out form
Upon Completion -
 - Save "Record" in Local Database table
 - Upload Data to Sharepoint (Office365 ~data connector) database
 - Sharepoint will start workflow that will create document(s) from data

This is what I am trying to accomplish --- My goal is to do this all without resident word / office applications (sharepoint can create document)

My first dilemma / goal is to create a simple form that will allow me to input data, and store to local Excel, Access, or text file, and also translate / Upload record to secure sharepoint table.

Can this be done....
Examples ... / recommendations

Give me simple application help, i.e. I can create a form that has four fields:

First Name
Last Name

guide me / point me in right direction... I will do the research, I just know some of the folks here would have working knowledge and I won't go down a blind path that turns up empty...

Thanks for your help and direction.

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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Excel can act like a database when you use JET or ACE driver. If you use Insert statement, it adds rows to exist sheet. If you use Update, it updates existing rows and so on.

This should get you started

So as a first step, you need to decide if you want to use Winforms or WPF. Then you need to decide the filestore. You can write to and read from Excel and Access files without Office as long as these files exist and the Office Data Connector or Jet database engine is installed on the system. Come back once you have sorted this out and we will continue from there.
halejr1Author Commented:

thanks.. I am inclined to say WPF, because it encapsulates native windows controls, where Winforms you have to define everything.  Unless you have alternative recommendation that is my gut instinct.

The filestore may or may not be complicated....

It can be as simple as a excel spreadsheet ---

here is what I can choose from --

Excel, Access, Office365 Sharepoint (I tend to prefer this, but will require a connection)  Unless your are postulating that the data source will remain local and the sharepoint will draw data from that data source.  In that regard, I would choose the simplest route, we are talking about a form with 75 fields approximately.

Let me know if I need more detail.

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Selection between Winforms and WPF would depend on your level of familiarity with both these frameworks. If you know WPF, it would suggest you use WPF.

Excel would be the simplest choice for local data store.
halejr1Author Commented:
OK, so local Excel file and WPF it is.  Sorry was out of town on Holiday.  

So next steps --

 - Create a form that has three fields (how/ point me in right direction)
 - Create spreadsheet with three columns (do I need to define fields?)
 - program form to write values/strings to spreadsheet (VB, Visual Studio)
-  create / program data connectors between form, and Sharepoint? (help with this?)
- other stuff?
My assumptions:

Excel file will contain columns that represent fields, rows that represent records

Will new records overwrite existing records, i.e. excel will just be a conduit for current data?
halejr1Author Commented:
thanks for you assistance... your help got me off the ground... will keep for future reference as well
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