Windows 2012 HyperV and Cluster Solutions

Our plan is to use Win2012 HyperV with 5 VM as following:

Physical Machine 1
1: Web Server 2012
2: Active Directory  Primary DC ( AD01 )
3: Development / Files Server

Physical Machine 2
4: Linux Library Server
5: VM5 Cluster

But I have a few questions with the setup that we plan to proposal to the customer .

Active Directory  Primary DC ( AD01 )  will set to DR on physical server, is there any problems on doing this for Primary Domain Controller ?

We also plan to install the physical server with SSD disk, but I  wonder whether this will improve the overall performance of the systems since the virtual machine which having it own VHD
files which will be stored in Shared Storage.

Any recommendations here what other you guys think that is necessary for the Cluster setup as attached running flawless ?

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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
For your DC, it is always recommended to have one on an infrastructure that is not impacted by AD.  If you are virtualizing everything then either have a ESXi or Hyper-V running on a server that is not joined to the domain or lastly, a DC that is installed on a physical server.
1. According to your diagram AD01 is a VM and AD02 is on a physical machine.

I would recommend virtualising your AD machines and keeping your FSMO AD separate. An additional DC can be inside the cluster.

2. Not really, your cluster will run fine with 10k or 15k drives. Although with 2012 you could take advantage of CSV cache to improvide the performance of your cluster, this is only if you have abundant RAM to allocate to your CSV cache. Further reading:

3. I would recommend adding more RAM to your two clusters costs, at least 48GB RAM. You need to consider if one of your cluster nodes went down for planned or unplanned maintenance, could all VMs run on one node? Considering the relative cheap cost of RAM, I would say do away with SSD, get 15K SAS drives and add more RAM.

Again I belive you're planning to run an iSCSI setup, if so, look at Jumbo Frames and MPIO.

Lastly an overlooked area when jumping into the clustering arena is backup. Make sure your backup plan is solid. I've seen when SAN units go wrong, it can be very bad!

Best of luck!

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motioneyeAuthor Commented:
Yes we are plan for Icsci setup. mind to share some knowledge what is you mentioned below

< Again I belive you're planning to run an iSCSI setup, if so, look at Jumbo Frames and MPIO. >
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