I have a Big Bug

A file installed itself when I turned on my desktop..  I had 600GB of free space yesterday.  After the restart an XML file took up the whole 600GB's. I cleaned out 20 GB off my desktop but the file grew to 620 GB instantly.I have no free space. It took away my system restore points. It does not let my file shredders work. (because it is open in another file) In other words it is acting like a virus. Nothing i run catches it.  it disabled Hijack this. Here is the file. that is eating up ALL my disk space. I run Windows 7 64 bit with all updates. Here is the path:
C:\Program Files (x86) /Common files/PC Tools/Smonitor/cputime. CPUTIME is the culprit that is an xml file that is 620 GB large. I have tried for 5 hours to get it off my computer to no avail. In the Smonitor folder were buches of read only files and I was able to get rid of about 8 smaller files by shredding but not this big one.  It is nowhere to be found in the registry but it is somehow connected to something called WOW64----. When i try to erase or move it, It gives the message that it cannot be moved because it is open in "tracerpt.exe"  how about that nasty name ?  File was created at 8:55 AM on wednesday and my computer got slower and slower until the hard drive filled up with this one file later. it is a "read only" file supposedly.  I tried to drag it to an external drive but it wont let me. It knocked out my internet. This is the worst one I have ever gotten.
So THE QUESTION IS: Can anyone help me get rid of this File "cputime and all its friends? I make my living off EBay now and i need that computer and of course I have no backup because I relied on System restore.  MSSEssentials and malwarebytes are usless and so is hijack this.  This bug also disabled my uninstallers too, not that it is listed in any of them.
Again, I need this computer. I just put 20 GB;s of photos on the PC this week and deleted the card in my camera. Nobody said I was smart.  I have a folder full of Recovery programs reccommended by you guys over time but I do not know if they will take me back before 855 AM .
Funny but I rarely restart the computer.  I usually just put it to sleep. First time I shut down in 3 months and this horrible thing happened. I am afraid to back up the things I need tto an external because I might take the bug with me.

So again can you experts help me? and have any of you heard of these particular named bugs. I cant understand how this just keeps filling up ALL my empty space so i cant do anything at all.

Also I do banking on 4 different banks on that PC. Scary. I have to go to bed now. Too old to be up this late I know one guy who is still up. (N---s)
Thank you in advance, Donnie
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did you try safe mode and malwarebytes?
Donnie616Author Commented:
Thank you for the suggestion. No. I forgot about safe mode.  I cannot move at all. only thing I see is a low disk warning. I will try to operate from safe mode and be back in a couple of hours.  I have so much work to do.
i would scan the drive from a bootable cd; here a couple :
http://majorgeeks.com/Kaspersky_Rescue_Disk_d6501.html            KASPERSKY   CD      
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/what-is-windows-defender-offline     OFFLINE DEFENDER

you can also connect this drive to a working pc and run other tools on it:
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

Identify excessive bandwidth utilization or unexpected application traffic with SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack.

andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
It's a bug in PCtools smonitor, you can just uninstall it - http://www.maximumpc.com/article/ask_doctor/holy_shrinking_free_space_batman

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Donnie616Author Commented:
To andyalder-Great precision article, however " then delete cputime.xml and logfile.etl" that part is not being allowed.  They take up all 700GB of space now.(yes I removed the whole desktop to external) to no avail. the empty space it left just filled right back up wit CPUTIME.XML. so that solution is not working for me.
To all you other experts (I knew you were there (Nobus)--I will try all those suggestions. I am burning the disks now. keep you posted and thanks to all.
Donnie616Author Commented:
Hi guys. Ran kav10 and it got me back my internet and 900 MB of space, so i can at least operate a bit now.  Rogue killer is running now and allready knocked out one of my required unmentionable services.   That is the current status @ 3:45 EDT. friday R-killer rubns slow and I have never run this nice new version.  Next I will use the 3rd suggestion of Online win defender. back in several hours.
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Once you uninstall PCTools you should be able to remove the files. Anti-malware scans aren't going to deal with a badly written application just because it creates large files.

Did you stop the SSDMonitor.exe and startmansvc.exe processes?
good to see you are making progress

>>  Rogue killer is running now and allready knocked out one of my required unmentionable services.   <<  not sure what you mean; since it lets you decide what t remove
Donnie616Author Commented:
Nothing worked because I did not have a virus.   >>C:\Program Files (x86) /Common files/PC Tools/Smonitor/cputime. CPUTIME is the culprit<<
I was trying to delete Smonitor and cputime (over 700GB of my space)and it was too large for recycle bin. I was afraid to delete "PC Tools itself", just what was inside its folder. So guess what? as I had decided to reinstall the OSD Ifigured why not take andyalder's simple answer.  Since I had already uninstalled the PC Tools registry mechanic, all that was left to do was delete entire folder.  That got ris of cputime and the 700GBs of space it was taking up on me.  It deleted with a simple right-click menu "delete" and I suddenly my larege empty HDD back.  Andy wins this one. but I still have no internet connection because I did something in all the file cleaning I was doing trying to gain space. I think it might just be a bad cable. I do have this connection but 2 of 3 are not working.  Thank you Andy  and thank you all. I have toold on disks for the future now. nite.
Donnie616Author Commented:
Very simple solution.  thanks I uninstalled before I came to EE.  But the folder was still there with cputime inside.  So I simply deleted the folder anyway. All done !
Tthanks...a lot.
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