Backup Exec 12 tape backup issue.


HP Proliant 380 G6. OS - server 2003. Backup software - BE12 SP5

I have two backup jobs scheduled on my server.  Both back up the same data.

1 - Backup to disk (Full backup daily). This gets backed up to the local server.

2. Tape backup (once a week full).

The disk backup runs successfully but the tape backup when run manually (or on the schedule) fails with the following error  - Final error  - 0x00084ed - A hardware error occured.

Under 'errors' - An unknown error occured on device HP1


Storage device 'HP 1' reported an error on a request to write data to media. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

The HP SCSI external tape drive show in device manager under tape drives

The device is online in Backup exec and the blank tape shows under media label, etc The test job runs successfully also. I have swapped tapes/erased tapes but the problem continues.

The job runs for around 10 seconds and then fails. I have re-installed the the drivers also.....

I read online that the HP insight agent may be causing a SCSI conflict???

What could be causing this job to fail?
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Use HP's LTT (Library and Tape Tools) in order to test connectivity, streamer (or even libraries) and tapes. You should stop BE's services before running LTT. Be aware some LTT tests overwrite the tape.
Thomas RushCommented:
I agree with strivoli's comments about Library and Tape Tools.

Have you replaced the tape drive recently by any chance?  This is the kind of error you can get when you've had to replace the tape drive and the backup application sees a new drive, and won't automatically assign it to existing backup jobs.   if that's the case, you can check by creating a new backup job (of some small directory).  If that job works, you know BE and the tape drive are working OK, so your second step is to go in to existing backup jobs and delete the current tape drive, then add it again.  Now run the job and see if it works.

If BE can't even complete a just-created backup job, then you have other problems.   You don't mention it, but which lights are on or flashing when the tape drive is idle?   Which are on or flashing when the backup job starts?   Is it possible you need to run a cleaning tape through the drive?

Do be careful when running tests to ensure you are using scratch tapes that contain no business data, as they may be overwritten.

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andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Ditto on L&TT to verify the hardware, but also you shouldn't be doing separate backup to disk and backup to tape jobs, you should be doing backup to disk and then a copy to tape job. Since you have the disk staging area it's better to read from that than from a remote server.
APC_40Author Commented:
Cleaning tape did the trick - cheers!
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