vnc / remote access for macs permission

im testing remote access / vnc on macs
if this is enabled and the password is known the mac can be accessed at any time without the user really knowing someone could be watching their screen
is it possible to make this more like windows remote assistance
where the support engineer has to send a request to remote control the screen
and the end user must accept
therefore the end users knows someone is on their computer
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Ahh, you didn't mention the remote user was on Windows.

The VNC implementation doesn't allow the target user the ability to permit/deny access.   If you set a VNC password on OSX and enable VNC access then the remote user will get immediate access once they enter the password.  The icon will appear in the toolbar at the top of the screen of the target users computer but they don't get a dialog to accept/decline access.

You'll have to look at a 3rd party solution like TeamViewer or LogMeIn on the target computers.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
When a remote user is accessing the computer using the OSX Screen Sharing (VNC) service an icon is displayed at the top of the screen so that the local user can see they are being observed (and controlled).

The latest release of OSX 10.8 gives remote users the ability to login to a separate session or request permission to share the users screen
In the Screen Sharing settings if you DO NOT check the VNC option and instead you check the box above "Anyone may request permission to control screen:      "  Another user with the Screen Sharing app can request access by entering the clients IP or network name.

Alternatively you could use LogMeIn or TeamViewer which have more support-based interfaces and allow the local user to permit or block access
dougdogAuthor Commented:
but i need to connect to the remote macs from windows
i have to use vnc when using windows
this only allows me to specify a password

i need the end user of the mac to give me permission
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