SIP/VoIP being blocked through Forefront TMG

Forefront TMG is blocking all our out going SIP data. Giving this error;

Denied Connection POE 10/17/2013 12:35:56 PM
Log type: Firewall service
Status: The policy rules do not allow the user request.  
Rule: Default rule
Source: Internal (
Destination: External (
Protocol: SIP

I have run the 'Configure VoIP' task and set it to allow RTP, SIP, FTP and NTP(UDP) from my internal VoIP phone ( to the hosted server ( but for some reason that I cant see its getting blocked by the default rule and seems to be missing out the VoIP access rule altogether.

Any help will be welcomed.
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FacemanPeckAuthor Commented:
The fault is due to Forefront TMG not being able to publish the protocol to the multiple internal VoIP phones. I can get 1 pone to work but any more and certain features stop working.

I have decided to create a vlan an bypass the TMG for the VOIP system.
Since no one has offered anything I will respond.  I am not familiar with this box, but I have seen many firewall products where the rule was configured for Wan to LAN verses LAN to WAN --  Your 'Configure Voip' tool may be opening / allowing the connection in the wrong direction.

FacemanPeckAuthor Commented:
no fix
FacemanPeckAuthor Commented:
no fix
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