video controller for dell dimension 5000 upgraded to win 7

In device manager a yellow error is showing against "other devices - video controller".
I have tried windows update but it cannot find one.
On the Dell site I have downloaded their system checker but it says it is unavailable for my model.
I presume it is because I have upgraded from XP to win 7.
On the dell support site it shows 3 possible downloads for "video" for my model

nVidia 256MB PCI Express x16 GeForce 6800, v.71.24 (WP), A02

Intel 915G Graphics Controller, v., A05

Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, v., A09

are these what I want?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The 2nd and 3rd are just different drivers for the embedded Intel 915G video controller.

The 1st is for an add-in card that was used with that system.

First, you need to determine whether you're using a on-board graphics chip (915G) or an add-in card.    Where is the video connection on your system that you're using?    On the ATX panel (which would be the 915G), or on an add-in card (which is the nVideo GeForce 6800).

Next, if you're using the 915G adapter, you can try to force installation of the XP driver.   This will work (I've done it with systems as old as a Dimension 2400), but you have to force Windows to install it.

If you have the NVidia 6800, you can get Windows 7 drivers at the NVidia site.   Just go here and select GeForce 6 series, and the appropriate OS (Windows 7 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit)
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Hi, haven't got an add in card. Using the main socket for monitor.
does that mean the 915 then?
How do I force the XP driver?
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
I presume the 2nd driver on the list?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I'd use the 3rd driver -- it's a newer version.

You install the driver, and when it says it the wrong one, just continue ... don't abort it.

Ignore any Windows error or compatibility messages.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Installed the new driver as advised.
It appears to be ok and the yellow error disappears in device manager straight away.
After restart it comes up straight away with
"installing device driver" automatically.
"updating standard VGA graphics adapter - downloaded - installed ok"
"updating video controller - failed - with a red cross
then appears to revert to old driver and yellow error is back in device manager.
Tried it several times, but on restart it is reverting back to yellow error.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I don't have an old system here at the moment to "play" with to confirm the exact steps.   You may have to run the install for the driver in administrative mode (i.e. right-click and "run as administrator" when you install the driver -- then do as I noted).   Also, be sure automatic updates is turned off ... and after you've installed the driver run Windows Update; then right-click on any driver update it has listed, and select "Hide this update".     After that it should be okay.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
switched of windows update.
re installed driver, but the display adapter in device manager defaults back to "standard vga adapter" every time I restart pc. even though it showed the 915 before the restart.
It does not seem to remeber the "video controller" update.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Try the other driver version.    I do remember that it takes some "fiddling" ... but it DOES work.    I've installed Windows 7 on Dimension 2350's, 2400's 4300's, 4500's, 5000's, and I'm sure a few others I've long since forgotten.

The XP driver has ALWAYS worked just fine ... but it does take a bit of "fiddling" => and unfortunately I don't recall exactly what that entails.   I "re-learn" it every time :-)   [One of the "joys of ageing" ]

I have sometimes found that one driver would work where another wouldn't -- so try the other version of the download.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Tried the 2nd and 3rd versions, no luck,
To check I am doing it correct here are the Device manager displays.
under "display adapters" it says " standard vga graphics adapter"
under "other devices" a yellow error says "video controller"
I update the "video controller" driver with either of the 2 drivers I downloaded from dell,
the screen goes black for a second, then says driver installed.
refresh device manager
and the "other drivers" disappears.
Under "Display drivers" it changes to intel 82915g/gv/910gl express chipset family
but shows it twice.
a box appears
installing device drivers
video controller - no drivers found
standard vga graphics adapter - installed
then we are back to square one.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
if I open spider solitaire I get this screenshot attached saying
"hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by video card"
presume this is the same faulty driver?
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
have downloaded the Intel programme to check pc automatically and this is the screenshot.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
have done the drivers again and the result has changed. for the better?
now in device manager I have
"display adapter" and " intel 82915g/gv/910gl express chipset family" which is correct, I think??
have restarted several times and it stays the same.
Also I am not getting the Windows message "installing device drivers" on start up.
so that is all right.
still have a yellow error on
"other devices" and "video controller"
Have been able to set screen resolution to 1440x900 which was not an option with "standard vga graphics"
Can't find anything wrong with pc apart from the yellow error in device manager.
Shall I call it a day?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I'd call it a day :-)

You may want to think about buying an inexpensive PCIe x16 card => you'll get better video performance; and it'll have actual Windows 7 drivers :-)   [As long as you make sure what you buy has '7 support]

A simple $30 card will do nicely:
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Will try the PCE card if I can get in England.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
What do I need to check on my pc that one of these fits?
Power supply?
type of PCE socket on motherboard?
Win 7 drivers?
can't think of anything else.
What benefits will I achieve with this extra card?
Thank you for answering my beginners questions.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
".. What do I need to check on my pc that one of these fits? " ==>  Nothing.   I did that before suggesting it.    A Dimension 5000 has a PCIe x16 slot (what the card plugs into);  a 305 watt PSU (this card will work fine with that);  and is supported by Windows 7.

"... What benefits will I achieve with this extra card? "  ==> The card is fully supported by Windows 7, so you'll get the Aero interface (no big deal, but nice).  It's still a relatively low-end card; but is FAR better than the built-in Intel 915 graphics => roughly 50 times better 3D performance :-)

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MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
Absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much.
Will close question and award you the points as it will be a week or 2 before I get the chance to buy a card.
MalcolmBishopAuthor Commented:
an in depth answer that was excellent help, but also good advice for the future.
Top guy.
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