barcode scanner attachment

I need something like, but that will work with Android or a really cheap iPod.

I am willing to purchase whatever Android phone, Android tablet, or cheap iPod is needed.

I do 200+ scans per day and don't want to use the CAMERA because of points talked about on
What do you recommend ?
  ** I don't want to carry my Android/iPod and a seperate bluetooth/etc scanner
  ** I want the bluetooth/etc scanner inside of the Android/iPod case
       so the CASE makes it ONE thing to carry
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mikeditConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We were looking at these ScanFobs from Serialio but the operating environment didn't fit our needs (cold storage). They're cheap, have software for iOS and Android--they actually recommend Android as the software has more features.  A phone's/tablet's volume rocker can be used as the scan button. Attachment isn't quite as nice as in that picture as it's not integrated into a case but rather consists of using some 3M adhesive.
hjgodeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Intermec by Honeywell recently released the Intermec CN51, a ruggedized mobile handheld including a barcode scanner. This device is released yet with a Window Embedded Handheld OS and the release of an Android 4.1.1 will follow shortly:
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