Free/Quick Backup of SQL database and IIS


I've been given a task to get a backup of a hosted webserver which is being physically relocated by the hosting company.

Currently no backup exists of the server, shocking I know, but it's been passed to me to sort something out prior to the move just in case.

Can anybody recommend some free software to get a decent backup of the sql and iis data?

Windows backup requires an additional drive to do the back which the server doesn't have. :-(

The server is running Windows 2008 Web server.

Thanks in advance.
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mudfrogAuthor Commented:
For the IIS backup I was looking at using the IIS Manager Backup feature but for some reason the menu doesn't exist i.e.:

Within IIS Manager>
Right Click on server>
All Tasks>
Backup/Restore Configurations

When I right click on the server in the tree I get the following options:

Remove Connection
Add Web Site
Add FTP Site
Switch to content view

Any ideas on that?
Thomas RushCommented:
Can you quiesce or take offline the applications?

If so, and if the server will be out of commission for no more than a week, you could easily download a free 60-day trial of HP Data Protector (, Backup Exec, or most any of the popular packages, install them, run a couple of full backups to different external hard drives (transport one immediately to a secure offsite location; send the second one to a second location (possibly the new 'home' for the server, but send it by different means (not on the same truck, car, etc.), and you'll be able to do a restore if you need to.

Long term, you need a 'real' backup program that has agents to backup IIS and SQL without having to shut them down (unless the business allows for that).  Data Protector will work.  Yes, it will cost some money, but not having a backup will sooner or later cost somebody his business and livelihood -- much more expensive than a thousand dollars or two.

People are often doing the regular backups to disk these days, but if there's a business or legal requirement to keep data for more than a year, I strongly recommend that you include copying your monthly backups to tape to ensure you have a copy that can be read five or ten years down the road if needed (think taxes, contracts, medical or manufacturing data, etc.)

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mudfrogAuthor Commented:
Well it looks like we will be using the hosting companies backup solution 1&1 Professional Backup (I know, I know).
But this should see us through for now until the site is migrated elsewhere.
mudfrogAuthor Commented:
After looking at possible solutions and the time constraints involved, it was best to go with the hosting providers solution.
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