Excel Help With Concatination

John Doe
123 Main St
New York, NY 10010

How Do I get this in to in different columns in excel? I have about 200 of these that I want to do in mass. I also have Notepad++. I can save to TSV or CSV.

First Name
Last Name
Date 01
Date 02
Computer GuyAsked:
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Shaun KlineLead Software EngineerCommented:
If this text is in A1:
For Full Name, use: =LEFT(A1, SEARCH(CHAR(10), A1)-1)
For Address, Date 01 and Date 02, use: =MID(A1,FIND("|",SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(10),"|",COLUMN()-COLUMN(A1)-1))+1,FIND("|",SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(10),"|",COLUMN()-COLUMN(A1)))-FIND("|",SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(10),"|",COLUMN()-COLUMN(A1)-1))-1)
For Email, use: =RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH("|",SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(10),"|", LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(10), "")))))

Place these formulas in B1 through G1.

Splitting out the full name and address into their own parts will then be easier. First and Last names can be split out from Full Name using LEFT / RIGHT with either SEARCH or FIND (what is the position of the space). City, State and Zip can follow in similar fashion.
Computer GuyAuthor Commented:
They would be in seperate cells, perhaps with a blank line inbetween.

A1 John Doe
A2 123 Main St
A3 New York, NY 10010
A4 01/01/13
A5 12/31/13
A6 test@test.net
A8 John Doe
A9 123 Main St
A10 New York, NY 10010
A11 01/01/13
A12 12/31/13
A13 test@test.net
Computer GuyAuthor Commented:
I would actually prefer to do this in Notepad++
Looks to me like you need to use the "text to columns" feature for this.  First, select the column.  Under the "Data" tab choose "text to columns" and follow the wizard.

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