Recover a lost word document


We use windows XP. A couple of days before one of our user had saved his word 2010 document  in a folder which was on the users desktop and forgot to log off from the system. Now some one has deleted the folder.
I checked in the recycle bin and I couldn't find it .Is there any way to recover this word document as it is a  very important document.

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You can download the free recuva program from and see if you can recover it.
lianne143Author Commented:
I tried recuva and it is not listing any relevant file which I am looking for
You will need to try out a paid software like getdataback or recovermyfiles. They should have a trial so you can try before you buy. Windows xp unfortunately does not have the previous versions feature like windows7.
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Yup, short of sending the drive out to have it recovered, which cost me 3k when one of my exec's hard drive's crashed, your only choice is to search for recovery software and hope it can recover the document.  I will add that the longer you wait the less likely it will be that you recover the file.  The user should stop using the device all together until you decide how to proceed.  When a file is deleted, the file doesn't really get erased.  The OS simply knows that that space previously occupied by the file that was deleted can now be reused.  So until that space is overwritten with a new file, your file is still present and retrievable by the aforementioned software.  Good luck.
Thomas RushCommented:
It sounds like a shared computer -- NOBODY should use the device until you've given up hope of recovering the file.  Power it off and sit it on a shelf until you have a chance to do your work.

For best results in getting the file back, remove the hard drive from the system in question and attach it to another system ("System B").   Load the file recovery software on System B's hard drive (NOT the one you're trying to recover data from) and then tell it to look on System A's hard drive for any deleted files.

Silly question -- if the user forgot to log off, is it possible he'd forgotten which computer he had logged on to?
Do you know if the user has a "roaming profile", ie. the desktop and other user folders are loaded from a server to provide the same content no matter which workstation he logs onto?

If so, then what happens is that the Desktop, My Documents, and so on are locally cached on the computer's hard drive and are synchronised with the profile that is stored on the server.  If the user logs onto another workstation, makes some changes, and logs out, the new content is merged back to the profile on the server, and when the same user logs onto another workstation the new content on the server is updated on the local machine's hard drive.

The benefit of this is that backups should have been made of the profiles on the server, not of each workstation's hard drive, and it might be possible for the system's administrator to recover the lost file from a backup if it is that important.  It all depends on whether the user created and saved the document then logged out normally before the day that he then forgot to log out, and if a daily backup caught this new file.

Another silly question.  Does the user know even a partial file name?  If so, might it be possible that a prankster has moved the folder and file to another folder on the hard drive?  Have you searched the computer (preferably while he is logged in, or else as an administrator) for the named file?

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