Contractor and software licenses?

We have a AutoCad (Inventor 3D) contractor to work on some drawings for us for 3 months and he's brought his own computer to work because we don't have the necessary software.  We don't allow him on our network as we have a policy of not allow any computer that is not our own to connect to our domain network.

Should I ask him to produce licenses for all his software's? He's employed under his own UK limited company so does licencing affect us?  Is there anything i need to worry about as an IT manager for the company? I'm not giving him network access and he communicates his drawings through email like he would any other external company we deal with.  I just dont want to open myself to a lot of work sifting through his programs and checking security software/malware infections ect.
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
When opening his tranferred files they should show as valid Autocad Files, all files are checked when opened.  As you transfer his files to your system just check them carefully for malware and viruses.

To satisfy your concerns, I would visit his location and review what his is using.
resolver1Author Commented:
He's bringing his laptop into our premises (not using our network though)
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
No, transfer of files whatsoever?  Are you not going to archive his files on your system.
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resolver1Author Commented:
He uses a 3g connection (mobile) and communicates through email like a external (off site) company would.
In general this is no different from any other agent you deal with and you are not responsible for their business practices (for example: when did you last check you accountant has valid software licenses).

You need to quantify your concerns and deal with them either as part of the formal agreement with him or as some kind of written understanding between the parties.

If you are worried about security of your network then the route into your systems needs to be hardened, presumably you have mail filters and anti virus in place but consider quarantining all related incoming mail on a single machine that can be disconnected from the network before you open/review the files.

If you are worried about security of data that is off your premises then consider either a mode of working where he agrees to only secure communications or encrypted files or that he only works on your projects whilst on your premises and guarantees that all off-site copies are destroyed at the end of each work period.

If you are still concerned from a legal standpoint then as long as you cover yourself under t&c along the lines of "consultant warrants that all appropriate licenses are in place for work undertaken and indemnifies client against any and all proceedings arising from a breach of such licenses".

I would also look for a section that clearly states who owns the intellectual property in the drawings and any ancillary documents produced and a non-compete clause to prevent sale to competitors as well as a commitment to not use anything learned about your business etc during the contract to help other companies in the same field (you will need to put a timeframe on this - say 6 months from contract end)

If he makes his living doing this style of consultancy none of it should come as a surprise to him.

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resolver1Author Commented:
Thanks for taking the time to answer :-)  we ended up buying him a PC/copy as we were a little unsure with him being onsite with his own computer for so long.  We considered his machine a security risk.
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