Tablet Code of Conduct And Security Plan

Tablet Code of Conduct and Security Plan

Tablet computers represent an immense potential to streamline National’s operations from the continued connectivity of the field to the office.  While this connectivity will inevitably increase productivity in the field, the ability to access our data remotely represents a tremendous data risk that must be mitigated as much as possible.  
In order to mitigate these risks the following Tablet Code of Conduct and Security Plan has been developed.  If an employee fails to follow any of the following policies the employee will be subject to disciplinary action which may lead to the immediate termination of their employment.  
•      Tablets are only to be used for company business.  Games, music or non-company business related applications are not to be installed on the tablet.  The IT Help Desk must provide permission before installing any applications on the tablet to ensure data security.
•      Tablets must be never left unattended in an unsecured environment.
o      When an employee enters an empty apartment, they must immediately lock the apartment door behind themselves before beginning their work and setting the tablet down.  If the employee is not able to lock the apartment door behind them, the tablet must never leave their side.  
o      If the employee is accompanied in the apartment by a supplier or guest, the employee must maintain the tablet in the same room as themselves.  Employees are never allowed to demonstrate the tablet’s use for suppliers or guests in a manner that potentially shares company information.
o      Tablets are to be stored in a locked location at the end of each shift in a location that is accessible only by the employee issued the tablet and their manager.  
o      If the tablet is temporarily left in a vehicle, the tablet must be out of sight and the vehicle locked. It is imperative that the tablet is not permanently stored in a vehicle as high heats or cold temperatures will result in long term damage to the tablet.  
•      Tablets must have the auto-lock feature enabled to lock, with password required for re-entry, after two minutes of inactivity. Passwords are to be set by IT and shared with the employee using the tablet on a daily basis and their immediate supervisor.  
•      In the event a tablet is lost or stolen, immediately report the missing tablet to the IT Help Desk.  

Am I missing something ? anything that should be added ? please ?
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Just thinking if these helps

:Anti-theft measures: Many tablets support remote lock or data wipe to stop missing tablets from being misused -- including those owned by former employees. While such measures are readily available for tablets, policies must be defined. For example, workers may be asked to consent to remote wipe and back up their own personal data. Employer use of tablet "find me" services can also raise privacy concerns.

:Not connect to hotspots and untrusted network especially WLAN and if need to the use of VPN is a must....this is all about over-the-air encryption: All contemporary tablets can secure Web and email with SSL/TLS, Wi-Fi with WPA2, and corporate data with mobile VPN clients. The primary challenge here for employers is proper configuration and enforcement, as well as protecting credentials and configs to prevent reuse on unauthorized devices.

:Not to have any unauthorised external strage card inserted or connected to the tablets. Likewise, no charging in untrusted locality and via untrusted or unknown power plug source as they can be malicious. In all case avoid from connecting external accessories that can be storing data or causing tablet to be overwhelmed unknowingly without user privy.

:Connection to cloud srvices and download of apps are not allowed unless permission and approval seek and granted.

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thank you..
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