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How can you set up the ctrlP shortcut to print directly to the printer?  If I am in excel and I hit ctrlP it will bring up the File-Print page but I still need to click the print button to send it to the printer.

I know seems like a small thing but I have people who print all day and this is an extra step.

I am using Win7 Professional and MS Office 2010

Any help appreciated!
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Ken ButtersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Excel 2010  doesn't allow you to change shortcut keys via the customize Ribbon the same way that Word 2010 does.

Excel 2010 also does not allow you to override predefined Shortcut keys at all.

But there is a work-around.  You can create a macro to do it for you.

Steps :
1. Click on View tab
2. Click on Macros Button
3. Select Record Macro...
4. Give the macro a name, maybe something like "PrintActiveSheet"
5. Type p in the "Shortcut key:" box.  it should say "Ctrl+" and have a box next to it to type the 'p'.  make sure you don't hold down the shift key or any other key while typing the p.
6. "Change the Store macro in:" dropdown from "This Workbook" to "Personal Macro Workbook".  

Selecting to store it in "Personal Macro Workbook" will make the macro you are recording available to every workbook that you open on this particular PC.

7.  Add Description (Optional)
8.  Print this worksheet exactly how you want the macro to work.
9. Reselect the Macros / and select Stop Recording

CTRL-P should now print current sheet directly to printer.
MeowserMAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the detailed solution.  this worked for us
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