Outlook 2010 settings blocked by group policy still available

I have an Outlook 2010 Group Policy that turns on request read receipt and save sent items in default folder.  If a user, from their inbox, goes to File, Options, Mail Options - those options are grayed out - which is precisely what I want.  However, when they click New Message, and then display the Options ribbon, they are able to change those options.  Can I gray out those options on the ribbon as well through group policy?
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ezekielseyesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you can use the policy called "Disable Items in User Interface" to grey-out those options in Outlook. In this policy you can enter specific command bar IDs you'd like to disable.

You can download all available Excel files containing the command bar IDs for Office 2010 from here:

In your case, ID 14365 should be the one you are looking for (it's in the file "OutlookMailComposeItemControls.xlsx".
Jill9871Author Commented:
This was perfect - thanks very much - for anyone else who finds this thread, the other ID I needed was 15489 (for the Save Sent Items Menu).
Jill9871Author Commented:
MDMOJAHID - I looked at yours as well, but the particular settings I am trying to control are not within the security settings.  Thanks for your response though!
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