outlook 2007 can send but not receive

I have a fresh Win 7 home premium installation on a laptop.

I got wifi working, and installed mailwasher which worked perfectly to receive e-mail.

I have installed MS office 2007 pro including Outlook.

Outlook will send the test message but it will not logon to the same pop3 server as mailwasher with the same credentials.

I have another e-mail account on that server on a different computer and it works perfectly.

what I have done;
I made a new profile in outlook and got the same error.
I looked in windows firewall and Outlook is checked as allowed to pass through.
I did repair on office; no change.

The error message is  '... Your e-mail server rejected your login.... verify username and password ..  -ERR Invalid Password or username'

This is incoming only. The outgoing works.
I am using 110 and 587 for the ports, the same as the other working accounts.
No encryption is selected.
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LiefrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So I see this is not resolved. I apologize because I installed webmail and abandoned Outlook entirely for her. She is happy.

Moderator, please send this question to heaven, where it deserves to go,
Josh RNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Try using name@domain for login username or just the name. I've seen Outlook fail the test before but actually send and receive mail but the test account settings will fail. I would also verify that you can login to the email service by web browser if they have a webmail type service to verify user and password is working.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
The normal usage is name@domain but I have also tried the name only to no avail.

I have tried using the test setting button and also saving the setup and just using send/receive. No joy.

The problem is logging on to the pop3 server from Outlook since it works fine with mailwasher.
Mailwasher uses 'secure authentication' for the pop3.
Outlook has SPA but that is rejected immediately. If I use SSL from the 'advanced' tab of more settings then a certificate pops up and then it rejectsthe logon anyway.

There does not seem to be a middle ground.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
BTW, she uses this account on a different computer so I know the account is good and also good with these credentials.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
Expert help did not solve the issue. I had to punt.
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