Windows 7 Mapped Drive Folders and Files Disappear

I have one Windows 7 user/profile with a reoccurring issue. The user has a mapped drive to a drive/share on Windows 2003 Server which contains 20 folders and files within those folders.

When the user turns the computer on for the day and visits the mapped drive all folders are listed.  During the day the user revisits the mapped drive and only 2 folders show up.  I disconnect the drives and remap and still only 2 folders listed.  After rebooting the machine all 20 folders are there again and but once again disappear back to only a few folders listed later in the day.

I added the following dword registry edit...but the problem still persists.

"DirectoryCacheLifetime"= 00000000

Other than removing and recreating the user profile do you have any suggestions?
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preshomesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Rebuilt machine and problem was resolved.
Do you have any group policy or other related errors in the event log?
Also. How are your drives being mapped?
preshomesAuthor Commented:
No errors...the mappings are manual mappings.  Right click My Computer > Map a Drive
preshomesAuthor Commented:
No acceptable solutions provided
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