Missing Business Data Web Parts

I am using SP 2010 Enterprise.  I am trying to add a Business Data List web part to a wiki page. When I go to insert a web part into the page, I select the Business Data category, and I don't see Business Data List, I only see chart web part, visio web access and excel web access. I'm guessing that there is a feature that is not activated. I do have the BCS all set up and running and I even have an external list created that works and shows me some data from an sql data base that I can do read, write, update and delete from. So what very simple thing am i missing?
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
Hi Robert,
these web parts are normally getting deployed on the activation of a hidden feature named "BizAppsSiteTemplates"
 (with the GUID 4248e21f-a816-4c88-8cab-79d82201da7b).
If it is not a production site, I would first try to deactivate the "SharePoint Enterprise Features" on the site and then the site collection level.
Second approach could be to forcibly activate the enterprise features through Central Administration (a good explanation here).
Last but final way would be to use Powershell to install/activate the feature:
Enable-SPFeature "4248E21F-A816-4c88-8CAB-79D82201DA7B" -url http://yoursitecollection.com

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(or using SharePoint Manager SPM 2010 @ Codeplex)


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Rainer JeschorCommented:
Sorry - typo - I meant re-activate the Enterprise feature (hence deactivate site, deactivate site collection - wait - wait - activate site collection - activate site)
BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
Hi Rainer, thanks once again. Your solution is correct, but just for the EE knowledge base, I want to add something that I found out i have to do that worked. I probably didn't give the full details of my problem and you assumed that I already did this. I went to central admin, upgrade and migration, and then Enable Features on Existing Sites, and clicked the checkbox that said:

Enable all sites in this installation to use the following set of features:
SharePoint Server Enterprise Features

 and waited for a while, and it worked. I don't know why this obscure thing has to be done, but it worked. Strange.
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