Dell 1350 ghosting problem

I have a Dell 1350cnw laser printer which prints on some thickish 110 gsm paper. Worked fine for a year or so but now out of warranty.

If I print a short letter on A4 the text at  the top reappears faintly a few inches below. The problem is intermittent.   It is a black ink problem in the main but that may just be because I don't print much colour apart from the top of the letter.

Longer letters do not appear to be an issue.  There are numerous settings on the printer but the guide is pretty useless at telling me what they actually do.

I have cleaned the guides using the cleaning rod for all 4 cartridges and tried replacing the black toner with one from an identical printer where it is not a problem. Neither has made any difference.

Can anyone help please?
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the top reappears faintly a few inches below
That implies that the toner is not being fused properly. If that happens, some toner stays on the fuser and is applied to the paper again when the fuser has turned one revolution. Heavier paper requires more heat from the fuser for the toner to melt properly. The best way to fix that is to tell the printer it is printing on heavier paper.

I don't know what settings are available for your printer, but go to printer Properties and select a different, heavier paper type.
LawyerLudditesolicitorAuthor Commented:
I am logging into the printer control panel using a browser (which is a bit easier than scrolling through on the physical panel) . These seem to give identical options to the physical panel.

The paper is quite thick but it operated for a year or so with a problem on this paper.

If I simply set the print preferences in Windows to Plain Thick will that do it?

The paper density setting options on the printer panel itself are just Normal or Light. I am set to Normal.  

There are BTR settings and Fuser settings that list Plan, Plain Thick, Covers, etc
IN both cases you can set these options to a value from -3 to + 3 , the default being zero. There is no guidance as to what the effect of changing these settings is. Do I increase or decrease it - will it make any difference.
The driver normally overrides any settings on the printer (or on its web page).

I would start by setting the Windows preferences to Plain Thick; that should be OK for 110 gsm. If not, see if there are settings for card, cover, heavy, etc and try those.

Are the BTR and Fuser settings in the driver, or on the printer/web page? If they are not selectable in the driver then they may operate separately from the driver settings. In that case - and if a driver setting does not fix it - try changing the fuser to Covers and see what happens.
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LawyerLudditesolicitorAuthor Commented:
The BTR and fuser settings are on the web page (or the control panel of the printer itself)not the driver.

The settings are not however paper types but a list of paper types for which you have the option of setting an integer value of -3 to 0 to + 3. They are all curently set to zero
Dell control panel
The strange think is I can often print two identical letters one after the other, the first is fine the second has the ghosting.

The ghost repeat distance is 67mm if that helps identify which element is causing it.
A distance of 67 mm implies a roller diameter of about 21 mm. That sounds a little small for a fuser. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a "repeating defects" list for the 1350c. Any luck changing the paper type in the driver?

The user manual covers ghosting problems (pg 295). It suggests changing the paper type, the fuser temperature or the BTR refresh mode. The latter 2 are from the Printer Maintenance web page.
LawyerLudditesolicitorAuthor Commented:
Changing the paper type in the driver has not made any difference. The first print usually comes out fine but if you print two or three pages in succession the later pages have the ghsting problem.

As regards changing the fuser temp and the BTR refresh mode - change to what?  The values mean nothing to me. Do I want minus value or plus value?   The paper type only has the options of normal and light.
Try setting it to +3

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