Message appears whenever I attempt to launch an application on my computer

While I am working in Visual Basic or Install Shield, etc. or even when I try to launch the program, the following message appears.
"Please wait while Windows configures (whichever program was installed last on my computer, for example FoxPro or Quickbooks. And then it keeps on coming up "Preparing to install..."
Moshe SingerdeveloperAsked:
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Ess KayConnect With a Mentor EntrapenuerCommented:
ugghhh foxpro :(

Anyway, the reason you have that message is likeley because
a. you are not administrator or the computer
b. when the software was installed, 'Just me' was used instead of 'Everyone' rights
Moshe SingerdeveloperAuthor Commented:
I used a utility called Junkware Removal Tool, using the file JRT.exe and it got rid of my problem.
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