Teradata max(date) from a table

I use a few Teradata tables that are updated once a month, and the max date is always the first day of the previous month.
What is the syntax to select the max(load_dt) in Teradata?

I am using this code below and getting this error:

3149: TDWM Filter violation for query Request: For Rule Name 'HighStepRowsProdJoinLimit'

ACCT.WAE_PRD_DT in (select distinct max(ACCT.WAE_PRD_DT) from WAE_ACCT)
AND summ.wae_prd_dt  in (select distinct max(summ.wae_prd_dt) from WAE_ACCT_SUMM)
AND CXA.EXPIR_DT in (select distinct max(CXA.EXPIR_DT) from WAE_CLIENT_X_ACCT)
and bdw.WAE_PRD_DT in (select distinct max(bdw.WAE_PRD_DT) from BDW_ACCT)

Thank you.
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SharathData EngineerCommented:
You did not post your complete query, so I am not sure about your tables. But you have same column name both in where clause and the subquery.
Instead, try changing like this. Also DISTINCT is not required.
ACCT.WAE_PRD_DT in (select max(wa.WAE_PRD_DT) from WAE_ACCT wa)
AND summ.wae_prd_dt  in (select max(was.wae_prd_dt) from WAE_ACCT_SUMM was)
AND CXA.EXPIR_DT in (select max(wca.EXPIR_DT) from WAE_CLIENT_X_ACCT wca)
and bdw.WAE_PRD_DT in (select max(ba.WAE_PRD_DT) from BDW_ACCT ba)

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btw: there is no need for IN() really as each of those subqueries can only return a single value
ACCT.WAE_PRD_DT = (select max(wa.WAE_PRD_DT) from WAE_ACCT wa)
AND summ.wae_prd_dt  = (select max(was.wae_prd_dt) from WAE_ACCT_SUMM was)
AND CXA.EXPIR_DT = (select max(wca.EXPIR_DT) from WAE_CLIENT_X_ACCT wca)
AND bdw.WAE_PRD_DT = (select max(ba.WAE_PRD_DT) from BDW_ACCT ba)

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and, do take care with overuse of distinct - it can slow down queries if used badly.
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