Laptop HP Pavilion DV9500 is not working

Hello Experts,

I have got start up problem with one friend of mine's laptop. I'd like to hear your opinion just to confirm whether I've detected the faulty hardware. It is laptop HP Pavilion dv9500 and I knew that that model of laptop has a lot of problems related to graphic chip or motherboard. I did perform some hardware dignostics and turned out that it's faulty video chip.I did reflow on video chip by using a heat gun and got it worked but when the laptop is connected to external screen only. I've even managed to reinstall OS while the laptop was still connected to external screen. The problem is that nothing came on the laptop screen itself. Then I thought it's likely to be a faulty lcd screen inverter or the laptop screen itself. I did replace lcd screen inverter with new one but still no luck. The only problem left to be a faulty laptop lcd screen. I'm about to buy new laptop lcd screen but before buying it I'd like to make sure that the problem is definitely with the laptop screen itself.

Any advice or help will be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i have had a bunch of these here, - several with that symptom
i have reflowed several, and have had the experience that sometimes you need to reflow it longer.
but to start - how exactly did you do the reflow, and how long?
FYI i use a paint stripper, pointing at the chip - for about 10 minutes (before i only took 3-5 minutes)

but of course, you can never rulme out the possibility of a bad chip

to verify if it's the screen or not, you'll need another one; maybe you can find one on e-bay
(i still have one around for testing)
if you post the exact model - i can look if we canb find one
Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
I would hold on on buying a new screen until you can confirm that the one you have is defective.
You can go to your nearest repair shop and pay the 10-20$ diagnostic fee so you know for sure.

I don't think anyone can guarantee 100% that it's the LCD just from a web post.

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