How to update 2 tables from one form

Maybe this is an easy question but for some reason I'm struggling with it.

I have the following tables

tbl_main with main_id primary key that holds the bulk of the information
tbl_notes with primary key notes_id that holds just the notes
tbl_main_notesrelationship that holds the foreign keys for both tbl_main and tbl_notes

So when I access a form that holds primarily the information on tbl_main I have a "Add Note" button. When I enter the note, it should update the tbl_notes and also tbl_main_notesrelationship that says that that specific note ID is associated to the in a one-to-many relationship.

Somehow I cant get my brain to update both of these tables at the same time. Am I overthinking it?

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damixaAuthor Commented:
Also another question that came up. Do i need a third table with the relationship to adhere to 3NF principles, or can I instead just have a table that has NoteID, main_id (foreign key) and the note field) Would this be acceptable, doing away with the whole relationship table?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
You should only have to update this data once, ...and only in one table.
(You can pull this data into any other table with a query or a Lookup function)

mID (PK)

nID (PK)
n_mID (Fk)

I don't see the need for that many-to-many table unless one main record can have many notes AND one note can have main main records.


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