What scripting skill set is required AIX Admin?

What scripting skills are required for AIX admins to provide L3/L4 support?
why these different  scripts are available? How to decide which script to learn?
Perl scripting?
Korn Shell Scripting?
Bash Shell Scripting?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally speaking: applicable to any Unix/Linux admins
sh, bash, Korn are similar. Often rely on other tools, cut, awk, sed, grep, etc.

Perl is different. A scripting interested language that has many functions, modules, etc.

Putting it differently, the more you know the better you are.
Certain functions are best setup using sh, bash, ksh.
Another, is best served by using perl, Python, etc.

With a broad scope of tools, you are in a position to determine in a timely fashion.
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