AM I accessing Windows share with SMB or CIFS

I have windows 7 and I can access share located in windows server in the Network.
How do I know if I am accessing them through SMB or CIFS protocol?

Thank you
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CIFS is a newer dialect of SMB (CIFS is SMB), so I don't know that there's a difference or if that difference would be worth knowing.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
which of them is used through the browser and which is used through "\\servername\share"
When you say 'browser' do you mean file browser or web browser?

A web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) can access local files using a file:// type URL, but it will rely on the underlying operating system to connect to the files wherever they are.

A file browser (like Windows Explorer itself) is going to use a UNC path such as \\server\share.

Either way, you're coming back to using CIFS/SMB protocol under the hood.

Of course, if the server you're connecting to on the network isn't a Windows server you might not be using SMB at all.  For example, if you were connecting to a Linux server you could be using NFS.  And of course Linux can also support CIFS/SMB with SaMBa, so that could be there as well.

But, again, as a user there's no reason I can think of for you to need to know this.

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VirastaRUC Tech Consultant Commented:
Hi Guys..

Read on...

Microsoft SMB Protocol and CIFS Protocol Overview

Hope that helps :)
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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