Kixstart script

I need help to find what this script is doing:

Thank you

; ; == Return the Name and AdsPath of all users ===================  
Break on

Call "\\Mydomain.corp\NETLOGON\HQ\Scripts\aos\Library\MyTools.kix"
Call "\\Mydomain.corp\NETLOGON\HQ\Scripts\aos\Library\MyMachine.kix"
Call "\\Mydomain.corp\NETLOGON\HQ\Scripts\aos\Library\MyAD.kix"

$aAttributes = "Name", "AdsPath"  
$sADsPath = "LDAP://DomainController01.Mydomain.corp"
;$sADsPath = "LDAP://"+GetObject("LDAP://rootDSE").Get("defaultNamingContext")  
$strFilter = "(&(objectCategory=Person)(sAMAccountName=svcPatchMGR))"  

for each $item in $HQDCs
      $aResults = fnLDAPQuery($aAttributes,$sADsPath,$strFilter,"Name")
      if ubound($aResults,2)<1
            ?"LDAP is down on "+$item
            $Subject="AD on "+$item+" is down"
            $Body="The ldap_check test failed for "+$item+".  Unable to authenticate as "+@userid+"."
            $_=SendMail($to,$From, $subject, $body)

            ?"LDAP is running on "+$item

if $error<>1 and @time>"08:29:00" and @time<"08:40:00"
      $Subject="No problem in HQ -Morning"
      $Body="Move on.  Nothing to see here."
      $_=SendMail($to,$From, $subject, $body)

if $error<>1 and @time>"14:29:00" and @time<"14:40:00"
      $Subject="No Problem in HQ - Noon"
      $Body="Move on.  Nothing to see here."
      $_=SendMail($to,$From, $subject, $body)

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Missing code for three files:


These things also do some stuff which I cannot tell you now.

The rest of the code checks all AD servers, and if NO error AND between 8.29 and 8.40 or between 14.29 and 14.40, it will send out an email telling there's NO problem.
If there is an error with an AD controller, no matter what, it will send an email alert.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks...
I will try to attach the other 3 scripts
jskfanAuthor Commented:
I have attached the files that the script above Called

Thank you for your time
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Okay, those 3 files hold functions, only one or two are used in the main script. So the answer is what I said in my last reply.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Like i've said here: http:Q_28271697.html, you should get a paid professional in to do a security analysis on your system.  The scripts are modifying registry settings on the computers (looks ok but I'm not going to guarantee that) as well as installing VNC with a security key that your terminated employee may still have access to, therefore giving him access to any computer in your network.

In other words, it is possible that the terminated employee has access to every machine as well as other sensitive company information such as program installation codes, windows keys etc.  

You need to determine your risk and exposure.  If it were me, I'd be getting a 3rd party in to do a risk assessment and decide on a course of action to take.

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jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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