Folder Redirection Desktop Icons Issue

So here is the issue:

After enabling folder redirection for a client, the desktop icons "organize" themselves the next time the user logs in. Its doesn't cause any issues, however several users have complained.

The only noticable information i can provide is that domain accounts are locked out through Active Directory over the course of the night, as any user with a connection to the server causes an issue with the application it hosts. That said, the icons appear to organize themselves even after a simple reboot of the computer (have no verified on logoff)

Any thoughts let me know. Not critical just more annoying to the end users.
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
My understanding is once you push the desktop to the server its treated more as your typical folder and it basically slaps the icons back on the desktop pretty much like if you copied a bunch of files to your desktop it will it will set itself.  The only thing you can maybe try is turning off auto-arrange.  Right-click an open spot on the desktop > View > auto-arrange.  This might be set in GPO also.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Confirm that the clients are not hibernating or going to sleep during the night.  This would stop the communication with the application.

Do any of your users remote onto their PCs? Resolution changes would cause the desktop items to shuffle as well.

If the accounts are being locked out then confirm that there are no services or scheduled tasks on the client with old logon details.  If they have incorrect details on their phones for emails it would also lock them out.

You could change the password policy to give more incorrect attempts before locking the account.
altitudetekAuthor Commented:
GPO doesn't control Auto-Arrange from what i was able to find, however i did create a batch file thats set to remove the reg-key that controls this feature on windows 7. Still have to test over the next few days to verify how it works.

The users logoff at the end of the day, and for those that don't active directory doesn't allow connections to the server after 6 PM.

No scheduled tasks are set to run on the machines. The lockout isn't caused by failed password attempts, but by logon hour restrictions

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altitudetekAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately this wasn't able to be resolve as the combination of folder redirection and active directory logon restrictions conflicts. There might be a workaround that i cant find, but after trying removing the reg key responsible for auto-arrange through GPO without success the client decided to not spend the time on it further. I appreciate the help however, partial points for at least giving me the idea on removing key using GPO
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