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Printer Ping but Won't Install

Env :::  PC CLone  (Win 2K8 R2), used for Print Server, nothing else, all terminals (C190LEW WYSE), Cloud Servers, 12 HP LJ400 PRO.  

Installed iPF605 driver on laptop and tested - good.

Installed Wide Format Canon iPF605 on Print Server.  Lost all printers.  

Googled and found MS KB 947477 stating that with HP printers attached the server can RANDOMLY crash.  Work around was to delete reg key HP TCP/IP Standard Ports (Export first) then change HPtcpMon.dll to .old and restart.  I did .  All printers came back BUT...

I had installed the iPF605 on my laptop, too, but I didn't lose all my printers until I restarted it.  

I can ping all the printers (no duplicate IPs) and others can print to them directly with their terminal sessions (the drivers are on their terms).  I have full icons representing the exact printer attached to my laptop and server.  Printer properties allow a test page but nothing goes out of the queue.

The Print Spooler is running.  Prior to removal of the HPtcpMon.dll, the spooler would start then stop again erroring out on this DLL.

On my laptop, I have uninstalled the iPF605 dirver and the HPLJ400Pro drivers.  When reinstalling, the software cannot find the printer even though I can see the web interface GUI if I put in the IP for the printer in my browser.  I can also PING the printer.
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jdfullerAuthor Commented:
I can't find the printer using Host Name in the HP Installation software either.  
If I rename HPtcpMon.dll (\Windows\System32) back to .dll from .old, my printers disappear again after Print Spooler restart.
jdfullerAuthor Commented:
For Windows 7 Pro (64b)


File and printer sharing is on.

After running the Network Printer Installation Wizard up to the point where you can see all the printers from which to choose.  Pick your printer and install the rest of the way.  It found all 12 of the printers and then some on the network.

Restart the Print Spooler service.

This process creates a new HPtcpMon.dll.  Verified.  And printed a test page.

This will setup the printer for Print only.  

FURTHER :: I am reinstalling the whole driver from a download after restarting the machine.  I'll report after that.  At least I can print to it.
Try adding the printer through IP address as show below :

jdfullerAuthor Commented:
Goog "go to solution" but we are way beyond that process.  Even though a ping can be made and the IP directly creates a port on the machine to which the printer can be found, it will not print.  A test page can be created then it sits in the queue and never goes anywhere.  The problem is the HP installation software won't SEE the printer to install it.  I can brute force create a port for it to use but won't print even though it is properly configured.  I was on the phone for 1hr and 45 mins with HP.

I am assuming it is a network issue at this point.  The loss of the HPTcpMon.dll was critical and I am not sure the recreation helped but I did retain my printers after the files was reaplced (recreated) by HP's Network Installation Wizard.
jdfullerAuthor Commented:
Eliminated printer issue.  Network is suspect.  Abandoning printer as culprit.
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