Wan Aggregator? Slow connection to branch offices.

Hello Guys,
    We have 6 branch offices that collect revenues and run a land management program. They are all connected to our central site and through a vpn connection through dsl.
We are looking for the best way to get the branches operating at higher speeds, keeping in mind that budget is low.

Current setup:

Central site: (8MB down, 1MB up)
[DSL Internet] Cisco 877 --Sonicwall NSA 2040(NAT)---Dell switch--Database Server

Remote Sites: [(4MB down 1 MB up) (6 site total with same setup)]
[DSL Internet] Cisco 877 --Sonicwall TZ200(NAT)---Dell switch--Client PC(at least 6 at every site)

The remote site client pc all login to the domain controller at central site and also access a sql database.
For DSl connections the maximum upload speeds that our isp gives is 1MB.  If you want higher then would have to get Dedicated internet and thats way too expensive.

We were looking at the option of getting 3 more dsl connections and connect them to a wan aggregator to improve the speed.

Please let me know your thought, recommendations and opinions

Joshua Richards
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
AS far as your budget thing sounds, it looks to be limited. So you will need some good QoS at the WAN edge that will help you do the job (to some extent) free.

If you want to go for aggregation appliance then Elfiq, Radware, XRoads Networks or Fatpipe will do cheap $$$ aggregation for you.

Ugo MenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are going to get 3 more DSL lines, you should just connect them to your NSA 2400 and then spread out your VPN connections to 2 remotes per connection. I think the 2400 can handle 300 mb vpn throughput and up to 75 site to site VPNs.  Btw it is an NSA 2400 or Pro 2040?
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