Installing Perl modules in IIS 7


I've installed ActiveState perl in an IIS 7 32 bit environment and it is working.  A site I'm trying to bring up also needs the following modules to run:

I have no idea how to install a module in perl.  I looked at these sites and can't even see where to download the modules.

Can anyone provide some guidance on this one?


Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developerAsked:
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becraigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is an idea of how to install modules.

First, we need to start the Perl Package Manager.
Click on your start menu and select the Run... option. In the pop-up window,
type cmd and hit enter. This will bring up the Windows command line. If you did the default install of ActiveState's ActivePerl, you should be able to type ppm at the prompt to start the Perl Package Manager. You should see a new prompt like so:

 Entering interactive shell. Using Term::ReadLine::Perl as readline library.
 Type 'help' to get started.

More information at:
Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developerAuthor Commented:
Wow!  Had no idea.  Thanks very much!

FishMongerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on the version of ppm that was installed, launching the ppm utility will either bring up a GUI interface or a command line shell.  Between the 2 I prefer the GUI interface.

You can also install modules via ppm like this:

C:\>ppm install DBI
C:\>ppm install Digest::SHA
C:\>ppm install Time::Local
Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developerAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much!  Sure is nice to have folks who have a clue.  This one was way outside my area of expertise.
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