CSS Question top and botton div height

Hello all,

I have a scrollable type grid where I can set the height of that to "auto" which makes it 100% really.   I then have a tab control below it in another div that goes way down the bottom of the browser scroll if I have a lot of records in the grid.   How can I set the bottom div to a certain percent or height and then the div above with the grid will just auto expand 100% of that remaining above space?
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Julian HansenCommented:

If you set the bottom to height: 70% why can't you set the top to height: 30%?
The requirement you describe does not seem to be logical.  

Put the header footer and grid inside a common wrapper and don't give the grid a height and the expansion will then be data dependent.

Without a link to the page you are just going to get guesses, because what you asking doe not seem to make much sense.


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sbornstein2Author Commented:
this worked tx
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