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Hi I have a customer with windows xp.his laptop is connected to domain.When he brought his laptop at home and is not connected to domaib, he write his password and wait 2-5 minutes to login in into windows.
Any succession what to do?
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btdownloads7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As long as the laptop has a network connection, it'll try to connect to the domain during login, and since the domain isn't accessible, it takes several minutes. The only thing he can do is disconnect his laptop during the login process (disable wifi or unplug ethernet cable). The login will be much quicker, and he can then reconnect the laptop.
Use the hardware button to disable wireless and unplug the ethernet cable.
As long as an active internet connection is present it will try to connect and have to wait for the built-in timeout, which is close to 4 minutes.
Comp_supportAuthor Commented:
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