Install Windows Server on HP server

I have a HP server ML350 G5. I want to install windows server on this machine. On my other servers, which are IBM I use ServerGuide CD which can be downloaded from IBM website, and it contains all drivers needed for installation.
Is there such an option for HP servers? Any CD that can be downloaded from HP site and contains drivers needed for my HP server. Please give me any link.
Also how to install HP components after that on the server like Array configuration Utility, etc...
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There is a product called HP SmartStart 8.70 you can download latest version from this link bellow:

HP SmartStartHP SmartStart
Sumit GuptaSystem and Virtualization EngineerCommented:
check the details instructions from this website

You need to download HP smart update manager (HP Service Pack for ProLiant Download)

check release notes for supported operating systems.
2 ways to do it, but before you jump in make sure the OS you want to run is supported by HP for the 350 G5.  It doesn't look like Server 2012 is supported.  That doesn't mean it can't run 2012, it just means the 2 ways of installation listed below may not work.

The easiest way, like already mentioned, is to run the SmartStart CD and install from there.  The most current version, as has already been linked above, is 8.70.  Running it through SmartStart will install the OS and do the drivers and support software (like ACU) post-install.

Alternatively, you can install from the Windows media and then install the ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) after the Windows install finishes.

Keep in mind that some components of the SS and PSP have been updated to address known vulnerabilities so you should go download and install the latest version of those components after your server is complete.  For example; HP Sys Mgmt Homepage, Insight Management Agents, Array Config Utility are all currently at version 9.40.
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