Problem connecting IOS Lync 2013 clients

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I'm strugeling with this problem for some time now.
While Android Lync 2013 clients can connect to Lync 2013 server I have problem with IOS devices. It is a small configuration - FE server std + edge server + proxy arr server + SIP mediation server. $ external IP addresses.

In this post I have noticed that this SRV record (External DNS/SRV/5061 -> is required for mobility and the push notification.
So I have created it and pointed to Access Edge service external interface and I would expect that Lync edge server would listen to port 5061 on that interface/IP address. But it does not. It is listening just on internal edge server interface. Any idea why?
Is that record and access to 5061 port really needed for Lync mobile clients?
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Yep, that is necessary for mobility in 2013. Sounds like the addresses in the topology builder don't match the actual addresses on the server, so services aren't starting and binding to the right NIC.
The problem was because federation on edge server was not enabled. Now the external interface is listening to that port and I can connect to it over telnet. But sill no connection with IOS mobile devices.
XMPP federation is still disabled (port 5269). I hope that this port is not necessary for mobile.
All lync serrvices on edge server are up. I have double-checked nic configurations and are looking good.
External NIC has 3 IP addresses, each accessible over, and
Does FQDN in subject of edge and proxy server matters?
Certificate on edge has as subject, while cert on proxy arr server has lync.domain.local as subject. On proxy is installed the same cert as on lync FE server.

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