Wondering about IE6 and CDHMTLDiaglog::CDialog

Dear Experts,

I want to investigate to ability of using
class CDHtmlDialog : public CDialog, public CDHtmlEventSink

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to display our report as HTML format using IE6.
But I don't know if there are any risks of using this.
For example, we faced with the following problem:
-  The IE6 can not load image as Base64String. While IE can only load 32KB of Base64String image...

So, how many same problems that we may face with?
If you know any risks, issues and related solutions please tell and help me.

Btw, can code of using CDHtmlDialog to display HTML format using IE6 migrate to native x64 code. Is there's any risk for doing this?

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The problems you are going to face have a single root: IE6. It is hopelessly outdated and I you won't get it to run on anything more recent than XP (which will only be supported up to April 2014).

Surprisingly, this part is the least problematic:

>>can code of using CDHtmlDialog to display HTML format using IE6 migrate to native x64

As long as your compiler supports 64bit platforms (which I presume) and you have a 64bit version of IE6 (which comes with XP Prof. x64), just add a x64 build target to your configuration and you are done.

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FSOFT-SAAuthor Commented:
Thank jkr for your answer.
I also think that troubles will be caused by IE6.
Thought, the situation that I met caused by IE6 also:
The IE6 can not load image as Base64String. While IE8 can only load 32KB of Base64String image...

So, can you and other IE6-experienced experts, please help me to find out which behaviors, techniques we can not do with IE6? Or which is the limitation of IE6?

Once again, thank you very much.
Ray PaseurCommented:
IE6?  Include a test for that browser and tell your client how to upgrade.  There is no excuse to condone driving a model A ford any more!
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IE6 is obsolete. Microsoft has not committed to any IE6 support beyond April 2014.  It cannot use any HTML5 features, and has a lot of XHTML and HTML4 specifications wrong.  Trying to what you want is basically a walk through a swap full of alligators and even if you make to the other side all you will find is quicksand.

While there are still 4.9% of users on IE6 they are mostly in China. You would probably find it more productive and robust to write your report by hand.

Um, didn't I mention the support deadline already? ;o)
Of course you did. So I supported your post and add a little more, because I couldn't top it. ;^)

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