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I am trying to run my application in Polish lang. The front end is already converted, I am wondering what all should I change at Oracle end (backend) to convert my lookup tables etc? Should I change the NLS parameters in Oracle? I think I would still want my ORA messages to be in English. Any suggestions?
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jim_imtechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I got this working after changing PROPS$ for LANG, TERRITORY and CHARACTERSET
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
I think this one hits the nail:

look at/for the chapter "I don't want any other language than English for the messages.":

The solution is to only install the *us.msb ("English") files on ALL clients and servers.
 This can be done at installation time by deselecting all other languages or to change on the installation media in the \install\oraparm.ini file the NLS_ENABLED=TRUE parameter to NLS_ENABLED=FALSE.
 With this set to FALSE only US (English) files will be installed and (on windows) the NLS_LANG added to the registry will also default to AMERICAN_AMERICA instead of the <Language>_<territory> who match the LOCALE of the windows installation.
For an existing system one can

* de-install the software and the re-install it choosing the required "Product languages"
note that it's currently not possible to "remove" languages using the Universal installer without de-installation and re-installation.
 * remove all the non *us.msb (and *us.msg if they exist) files but be carefull to not remove accidentially *us.msb files and do not delete the *.msg file under $ORACLE_HOME/owb
 * install the same Oracle version and platform (!!!) on an other system / Oracle_home making sure only "English" is installed
 * delete in the current home all *.msg and *.msb files
 * copy all *.msg and *.msb files from the new installation to the same location in the original home.
jim_imtechAuthor Commented:
My main task is to get my lookup tables updated. I have installed Oracle by selecting Polish in the wizard and my NLS points to Polish as well.

I now want to get my data in tables but as soon as I commit, the extra characters that polish lang have disappear from the table.
jim_imtechAuthor Commented:
You have to change this properties for the database to except the characters
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