Access 2010 VBA Module to Explode Bill of Material

I need to explode the bills of material from our ERP.  I believe that I can use a VBA module to achieve this.  I found some code that may work, but am having difficulty getting a test to run.  I am including below the VBA code and the test data that I have in Access tables to test the VBA code.  When I enter the code in to a Module as either a subroutine or a function I cannot run it even if I try to invoke the function version with a Macro.  Any help would be appreciated.
Option Compare Database
Public Function EnumBOM(Optional llc As Long = 0, Optional PK As Long)

 Dim rst As Recordset
 Dim x As Long

 If llc Then
 Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT DISTINCT tblBOM.*, " _
 & "IsNull(tblBOMDetail2.lngBOMID) AS FK " _
 & "FROM (tblBOM INNER JOIN tblBOMDetail " _
 & "ON tblBOM.lngBOMID=tblBOMDetail.lngBOMID) " _
 & "LEFT JOIN tblBOMDetail AS tblBOMDetail2 " _
 & "ON tblBOM.lngBOMID=tblBOMDetail2.lngBOMDetailID " _
 & "WHERE tblBOMDetail.lngBOMDetailID=" & PK & ";")
 Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT DISTINCT tblBOM.*, " _
 & "IsNull(tblBOMDetail2.lngBOMID) AS FK " _
 & "FROM (tblBOM LEFT JOIN tblBOMDetail " _
 & "ON tblBOM.lngBOMID=tblBOMDetail.lngBOMID) " _
 & "LEFT JOIN tblBOMDetail AS tblBOMDetail2 " _
 & "ON tblBOM.lngBOMID=tblBOMDetail2.lngBOMDetailID " _
 & "WHERE tblBOMDetail.lngBOMDetailID Is Null;")
 End If

 Do While Not rst.EOF
 For x = 1 To llc
 Debug.Print vbTab;
 Next x
 Debug.Print rst!strPartNo; ": "; rst!strDescription
 If IsNull(rst!FK) = False Then EnumBOM llc + 1, rst!lngBOMID


 End Function

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lngBOMID	strPartNo
AssyNo1   	Assembly No. 1
AssyNo2   	Assembly No. 2
Comp1   	Component 1
Comp2   	Component 2
Comp3   	Component 3
SubAssy1	Sub-Assembly 1
SubAssy2	Sub-Assembly 2
SubAssy3	Sub-Assembly 3

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lngBOMDetailId	lngBOMID	intQuantity
1            	3            	1
7            	3            	1
1            	4            	1
2            	4            	1
7            	4            	1
2            	5            	1
6            	5            	1
8            	5            	1
1            	6            	1
2            	7            	1
7            	8            	1

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please provide a demo database where the needed tables and your code and maybe needed queries are included. You should create it in format A2003 so the most experts can open it.


Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
There are two ways of doing this:

1. With SQL
2. With VBA

 I prefer the VBA method for a couple of reasons.   With that in mind, give this a read through:

 Written by mbizup.

 Also check out the attached sample DB's (I've included the SQL solutions as well).   The VBA one is along the same lines as the code in mbizup's article, but doesn't do the explosion as a recursive call, which saves some overhead.  The table structures are slightly different as well.


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