Thomson ST585 v6 router config

Anyone know where all the settings are in a Thomson ST585 v6 router? I can get in and see menus with some very basic settings, but nothing which I really need such as disabling DHCP, setting the IP address, etc, which you get in most routers. Am logging in as user Administrator.
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have probably seen the Interface Settings > Interface - LocalNetwork and seen the "Use DHCP server: Enabled" field ? Maybe you missed the Configure link to the upper right, just click it and you'll be able to disable the DHCP server.
laurencoullAuthor Commented:
Ah! You're right: I did miss the Configure link, many thanks.
Having said that, while I was then able to untick 'DHCP server enabled' & click Apply, it kept re-enabling it all by itself every time I logged back in!!
Never mind, I manage to achieve what I needed to by another means. Very strange behaviour nevertheless!
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