problems opening a link from outlook in chrome

Hello, When I open my mail and someboy has sent me a link, when I click in the link it's open the chrome browser (at this point all is correct) .

But In the browser I can see two tabs, one for my calendar, and other with my link target. but the rotating icons go slow and never end loading the pages.

If I copy and paste the link Works fine and the rotating icon (from chrome) rotate very fast, and page is loaded correctly.

Any idea?.

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Kyle DaviesConnect With a Mentor Retail Software SpecialistCommented:
do you hold in ctrl and click on the link?
brettkmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your home page set correctly?  As in just one page? (if that's what you want) No calendar link in there some how.  That's all I can think of :)
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
I don't hold ctrl when I click the link, but the chrome start a new tab with the link the problem is that the load are very slow .

limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
Well, the problem has gone after turn the chrome at the initial point (restore to the default configuration). Sorry my English ...

Thanks both.
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